HIGHWIRE BRAND STUDIO: Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce

Highwire Brand Studio is a unique experience for Marketing and Graphic Design students. Each semester a new real-world client hires the studio to help create its newest marketing campaign. The Marketing and Design students then work together to create a campaign and ways of implementing through following information from the client and gathering extensive research themselves.

This semester the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce requested a marketing campaign to bring in young professionals to live and work in Cincinnati, through our research we created the “Find Your Vibe” campaign, targeting toward three types of young professionals in hopes of providing a specific but inclusive campaign. Our group chose to use Cincinnati’s new plan to update and renew their city as inspiration for our own campaign by first updating their original logo to make it more youthful and eye-catching. Above you will also see our print campaign that was aimed to drive students at Ohio colleges to the “Find Your Vibe” website where they could read about young professionals who have already found their place in Cincinnati. The website also provides a unique opportunity for these students to visit Cincinnati for experiential trips where they can meet young professionals in their field and explore Cincinnati.

City of Cincinnati
Original/current City of Cincinnati logo
Proposed City of Cincinnati logo



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